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"Boston Landscaping Services were really great to work with from start to finish. We hired them for spring cleanup, sod installation and some plantings. I was super impressed by how quickly and effectively they worked and the outcome was stunning. We love our new back yard! We will definitely hire them again and would highly recommend you do the same. Thank you!"
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The home of the industry-leading garden and best of the residential and commercial landscaping companies in the Greater Boston, MA area. We're locally owned & operated, and proud of it.

Residential & Commercial

We offer both residential and commercial landscaping services in Boston, MA including tree trimming services that many local home owners and business owners have trusted for well over a decade!

Amazing Company Values

We are a tight-knit company of landscape architects who combine a passion for the beauty of the natural world with a self-imposed demand to meet every need of our clients and exceed their expectations

Cutting-Edge Equipment

We incorporate cutting-edge, modern landscaping techniques for all of our clients. From lawn mowing to complete landscaping design and architecture, we get the job done right the first time.

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With over 10 years in the landscaping business, Boston Landscaping Services has become one of the most trusted and reliable landscaping companies in the Greater Boston Area. Located in the heart of Boston, we work throughout the towns and cities of the Greater Boston area, offering an extensive list of affordable and high-quality residential landscaping services. At no point do we compromise on the quality of service that we offer our clients.

We want you to be PROUD of your property. If you can dream it, we can do it. So DREAM BIG! Our landscaping services in Boston, MA are designed to fulfill your properties full potential. Anything is possible.

Our commitment to our clients is ongoing and does not end once we’ve finished a job. We are always there for you should you need guidance on any landscaping issues. We believe in focusing on the needs of each individual client as every job is different. We take great pride in our profession and the stunning properties we create and maintain for our clients! This is part of what makes us one of the top landscaping company in Boston.

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Our Featured Projects

December 11, 2020

Looking for our fall cleanup work in action? You've come to the right place. Enjoy this look at our fall cleanup services in Boston, MA. We take great pride in delivering extraordinary results and a property that you will be proud of!

November 11, 2020

Residential tree trimming is one of the many offerings that Boston Landscaping Services specializes in. Check out this project that we did in the Roxbury, MA area for tree trimming and you'll be absolutely amazed at the results we got for our customer!


Landscaping Services

Landscape Design

Top notch landscaping and gardening services to beautify your property. Trust our landscaping architects to create a landscape design of your dreams.

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Experts in rock design are ready for all your hardscaping needs. From patios to driveways, our professional hardscaping is designed to meet your needs.

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Lawn Care

From sod installation to mowing existing lawns - we do it all! Need expert lawn care around Boston, MA?
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More About Our Services

There are several reasons to get landscaping done on your property. It increases your property value and will make you feel great to know that your property is being taken care of by professionals. That's why Boston Landscaping Services strives to offer the absolute best landscaping services at an accessible price point. Learn more about our landscaping services below, or get in touch today for a free estimate!

Landscaping Boston MA

A green space is at its best when it is a verdant, colorful, and appealing place to be. Our residential and commercial landscaping in Boston MA prepare your garden to be the best version of itself, to be admired and to impress visitors to your home or commercial site. Our landscape design team offers an incredible variety of services to perfect your garden ensure its continued health. Mulching will provide the nutrients your soil needs for continued renewal and growth. Mulching will make sure that the soil’s moisture is retained, keeping it fresh and healthy. We offer planting service to freshen up any tired old flower beds. Whether flowers have died after the winter season or you simply want a change, our planting services fit into every budget.

And keeping those flower beds well organized and clear of debris is vital to the survival of the flowers and plants that live in them. Flower beds can look like a mess if they’re not tidied, which itself can reflect on a business or home. Clean flower beds will keep your flowers growing for as long as possible and help maintain your garden’s appearance. Weed control precautions eradicate the threat of many pesky weeds that can strangle flower beds and lawns. Weed prevention is a necessary step in any garden, especially for large areas. When a garden is due to be remodeled, excavation is necessary. Our excavation services effectively move soil and sculpt your garden to your vision.
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Rock Hardscaping and Patio Installations near Boston, MA

The built environment within the natural environment is called the hardscape and refers to patios, walls, rock landscaping, and any other man-made items in a green space. As a gardening service, hardscaping is opposed to the “softer” landscaping characteristics - like the flowers, lawn, or trees – but offers a different focus and impression to a natural space that can help to further bring it alive. Our hardscape services include rock landscaping, driveway installation, patio installation and patio landscaping, walkway installation, and the installation of permeable pavers. For all your hardscaping needs, Boston Landscaping Services is just a call away

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Lawn Care and Sod Installation Services Boston

Our lawn care services are comprehensive and thorough. Due to Boston Landscaping Service's extensive experience, we are industry-leaders in all things lawn care. Lawn care secures the future of a lawn, continuing the health of the soil and grass.

Some toils that we use in the battle for a great looking lawn include irrigation systems, sprinkler systems, mowing, lawn aeration services, sod installation Boston and a grass seed spray system known as hydroseeding. We can also fix any problems that your lawn irrigation system or garden irrigation system may be having. From this armory, Boston Landscaping Service provides sustainability for your green space and creates the ultimate package in gardening services.
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Spring and Fall Clean Up Services near Boston, MA

Taking out the trash is easy with Boston Landscaping Services doing the cleanup for you. After winter, during fall, or any other time of the year, our cleanup team will offer a stellar cleanup service to bring the polish back to your lawn, flower beds, and trees, so that you can delight in the view once more. If you’ve had a landscape designer come and work on your commercial or residential property, it would be a shame not to be able to enjoy the space because of the mess. But some pruning, re-edging, or simple maintenance, your garden will sparkle once more. Seasonal Clean up also promotes new growth of the flora in your garden and includes leaf removal, brush cleanup, tree removal and much more.

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Tree Care and Removal in Boston, MA

An integral part of our landscaping service is tree care. Tree care services is a sensitive area that requires expert knowledge and a great level of skill. Our arborists are specialists in the field and put their skills to use for your benefit. 

Trees may need pruning to fight the spread of disease or pests, or because they’ve grown too large and become an eye-sore. They may be damaging property or other garden installations, in which case tree removal Boston may be necessary. As one of the leading local landscape companies, the tree care packages offered by Boston Landscaping Services are comprehensive and great value for money. ​
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Providing the Best Service throughout Greater Boston & Surrounding Areas!

Boston Landscaping Services aims to be a positive force on the Boston landscape and to go above and beyond for our customers. Now you will never again have to wonder, "where are the best landscaping services near me" again. We provide top-notch home services to these areas:

Greater Boston
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